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Dreamy Weave Beige Outdoor Pillow

Dreamy Weave Beige Outdoor Pillow

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14x22" The Anaya Pure Air Collection includes Indoor and Outdoor pillows made with a new technology that purifies the air in direct sunlight, activating nanotechnology, eliminating mold, bacteria, viruses and stains.

The Dreamy Weave Beige Indoor and Outdoor Pillow offers a unique formula that provides for a smart self-cleaning fabric that lasts from season to season.

    Fabric is woven in a High Tech mill in Spain and Made in the USA or Columbia
    Soft 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic

    PureAir High Tech Coating
    Self Cleaning Fabric
    Anti mold
    Anti viral
    UV resistant
    Quick dry
    Zipper, Outdoor Poly Insert Included
    Machine Wash

    Indoor & Outdoor Use

    Color: Shades of Beige